• Come in with a strong bid early, and knock everyone else out of the park

    Does it Work? Yes, sometimes.

    “A lot of people try this, especially if they know they really want the property and have a good idea of what it’s worth,” says Graeme Hennessy. “This can prove a very effective strategy as it often takes the competition by surprise.”…

  • Never make the first bid

    Does it Work? Not really.

    “A lot of people tend to do this but I think you might as well bid first,” says Graeme Hennessy, chief auctioneer of the independent Premier Property Auctions. “It’s not going to cost you anything, as you’ll rarely buy a property on a first bid. But if you’re there, starting the process, then experience shows us you’ll have a better chance of still being there at the end.”

    Auction of 5/3 The Esplanade Mosman.
  •  Hide behind a post, or at the back of the room during the auction

    Does it Work? No.

    “It’s much better to take a position in the middle of the room where everyone can see you,” says Scott Smith, chief auctioneer of Ray White NSW. “Looking determined, with strong body language is then very important; with decisive movements and everything about you saying, ‘I’m not going to be beaten!’ I’ve seen a lot of people missing out at auctions, time and time again, hiding away at the back.”…


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